Mainstay - 01905 364070

The Property Manager for Locking Parklands is:


Assisted by the Property Services Advisor:  Emily Crossland

who are both willing to assist you with any enquiries


Who are Mainstay?

Mainstay have been appointed by the Locking Parklands Community Interest Company as their residential facilities managing agent.  Mainstay takes their instructions from the CIC, which is currently under the control of St Modwen and the Shadow Board.

What do Mainstay do?

They are responsible for the budgeting and collection of service charges; maintenance of the estate, its long term development and protection; the apartment blocks; main-taining all communal plant, amenities and management of associated service contracts. The managing of the ‘occupied’ areas of the development are overseen by a Property Manager – supported by a team of experienced Property Services Advisers.


Mainstay act on behalf of the CIC and communicate to residents via circulars, e-mail, post and via the Residents’ Forum throughout the year, which all residents are invited to attend.  We also provide a secure web based ‘Portal’ where-by you can access your personal resident account.

Mainstay are here to help

Their primary aim is to enhance your living experience, though they  must ensure that all terms and covenants of your Legal Agreement are upheld.  Please contact any of the numbers below if you need assistance in any way.

Any query regarding the balance on your account, please contact:-

Credit Controller:

Hayley Guise

Telephone No:  

01905 364050

Out of hours emergency phone number is:

 0844 858 8360

Liverty [formerly Knightstone] ABOUT  US Mail: lockingparklands@mainstaygroup.co.uk?subject=RESIDENT  ENQUIRY