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Here in the Projects section of the website, you will find out about new initiatives and projects here at Parklands that you may want to get involved with.  As you will see - we already have two in the pipeline - developing our Neighbourhood Watch Scheme and training 1st Aiders. We already have a team of people volunteering under the North Somerset Resilience programme as Snow Wardens on Locking Parklands - free training and equipment is provided.

You may also be prepared to take the lead on  a project - and if considered for the benefit of the community, then the CIC will support the project to move forward and assist wherever it can - perhaps with resources, funding, training, equipment, etc.

Some ideas for consideration involve:-


Contact/Talk to the Shadow Board Reps if interested - we would really like to hear your ideas

Mail: lpshadcic@gmail.com?subject=Resident Contact/Enquiry/Feedback